Sitemap - 2023 - Seeking Veritas by The Professor, The Poet & Friends

Seeking Veritas Weekly Roundup - December 18th - Dec 31st, 2023 (Vol.8)

We are all just people on a mountain

Have you ever mourned the living?

The Beauty of a Book

A Seeking Veritas Immigrant Christmas Story

The Lap of Santa

On Representation and Belonging


Know When to Stop Talking - A Poetic Response

Seeking Veritas Weekly Roundup - December 11th - Dec 16th, 2023 (Vol.7)

Intercultural marriage is not for the weak

Bright Red Crush

December & Orwell


Six Archetypal Life Paths: Which One is Yours?

Limiting Beliefs: Fact or fiction

Digital Equity Series - Why Should You care about Digital Equity

Seeking Veritas Weekly Roundup - December 4th - Dec 8th, 2023 (Vol.6)

The Pond

Proposed Ontario legislation would remove a barrier for immigrants


A Better DEI Path: Strong voices and unique ideas to reduce divisiveness in diversity discourse

Digital Equity Series - Schools Boards and Digital Equity

Seeking Veritas Weekly Roundup - November 27th - Dec 1st, 2023 (Vol.5)

Introspection vs Extrospection

Who's my latest crush?

Calling in sick

The trick is avoiding the third bite

Dialing In For Deeper, More Meaningful Relationships

Learning about leadership from unexpected sources


Digital Equity Series - The Rising Costs of Staying Connected

Seeking Veritas Weekly Roundup - November 20th - 24th, 2023 (Vol.4)


Screaming in the Forest

Transferable Leadership Skills to Navigate VUCA

Digital Equity Series - AI Stereotypes

Seeking Veritas: Weekly Roundup | (Vol.3) |

Cultural Awareness

The Hand As a Revealer of Secrets

Navigating Organizational Change

Digital Equity Series - Leveraging Digital Tools and Resources for Small Town Prosperity

Seeking Veritas Weekly Roundup - November 6th - 10th, 2023 (Vol.2)

The Dangers of Executive Coaching

Celebrating Shared Values Across Faiths and Traditions

The Future Belongs to You - A Poetic Response

Seeking Veritas Weekly Roundup - 30th Oct to 3rd Nov - (Vol.1)

Shifting Perspectives

Know When to Stop Talking

From Overturning State Laws to Overturning Personal Beliefs: Essential Qualities for Successful Change

Generative AI, DEIB, and Our Inability to Get Out of Our Own Way

A Closer Examination of the Negative Effects of Cancel Culture:

Foreign Lands

Blanket Statements on social media

What’s Intelligence?

Cutting through the noise: Is it fair to demand a ROI from your DEIB activities?

Digital Equity

Gerard Keledjian | Grit and Resilience Turns Hope to Reality


Connections That Get Us Through the Dark Times in Life

Neutrality: A Foundational Principle NOT a Policy of Convenience

Colour Blindness - A Poetic Response


What exactly is authentic leadership?

The Departed: A Tribute to a Fellow Traveller

Martin Luther King Jr.'s Dream: Is it still a Dream or will DEI make it a nightmare

The Future Belongs to You: Design it, then live it.

Leadership Fundamentals: Superhuman or Super Normal

The Irish Autumn

We’re in the Midst of a Friendship Crisis

Colour Blindness: The Complication of a Simple Metaphor

Why in-person is important

Un-Tabooing Disability - The Cognitive Way

Emotional Intelligence: A critical factor in culturally diverse workplaces

Good Governance or Good Press:

Belonging is exactly what you think it is

No One Right Way - My Ishmael

Resilience Is Not a Solo Endeavour


Finding Stupidity Down a Rabbit Hole

In My Head

Suffer the little children!

Living Intentionally: A purposeful examination of a life well lived.

I Learned

Who really wants war?

It’s not all about the money for Durham’s immigrants



Apolitical: Virtue or Vice

Why Canada should consider slowing down its immigration policy

Work in Progress

Men and Their Friendship Challenges

The Unpredictability of Elections



Caught in the Crossfire: The Canadian Government v Social Media

The Letter

What you should look out for, if your child isn’t a reader

Complex Issues Require More Than Simplistic Either-Or Choices

From Odesa to Oshawa: The journey of a Ukrainian tattoo artist

What do immigrants really want?


Napalm The Destroyer: The Burning of Tokyo

The Black Animal

Is there a science to reading?

Go Ahead and Ask Me About My Background

Unfriendly Fire: The Terror of War

The Rise of the Keyboard Warrior

Learning about systemic racism isn't a black-and-white issue for my brown-and-white children

Did Newton discover gravity or curiosity?

10 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

Uncoding The Color Codes

Non-Practicing Hindus

Empty Nesters

Ant, Grasshopper & Labels

A Tool to Box Life

All About Tomatoes

Alternative Facts

Ford's Ontario Government Labour Announcements

The Human Race

Bad Decisions

Truthfully Speaking

Is the government devaluing education? (Article 3 of 3 in this series)

Is the government devaluing education? (Article 2 of 3 in this series)

Is the government devaluing education? (Article 1 of 3 in this series)

The Rusted Crown


I don’t want to world


An Inevitable Meeting

Not My Prime Minister

Neil the Professor & Brian the Poet

Being Woke

The Professor & The Poet

Technologically Enabled Dissent

Why the obsession with living in the present?

Freedom Fighter or Terrorist?

My profound fortnight in Moscow

Do intentions matter more than outcomes?

The Social Pendulum

Dear College President, Pay attention - school is in session

Perceived Threats, Real Consequences

Should We Cancel All Dead White Men?

‘Brown’ Professor says, “If you see something, say something”

Unsung Heroes

Rude Awakening

The Forest & The Trees

Who Am I?