This sounds like the Bandwagon Effect - but for corporations. Bandwagoning seldom turns out well for individuals and I would suppose the same, only amplified by size and reach, by the fact it's a corporation. The other problem with bandwagoning is the ever changing zeitgeist. Trying to keep up with the flavour of the day is a precarious full-time job that also comes with lots of extra overtime.

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I’ve read/listened to people who have concluded “there's a problem with our post secondary institutions" but they struggle to articulate the issues clearly (or they come across as hostile in the process.) This article does a great job of diving in and covering things, with no sense of attacking.

I appreciate this kind of logical, sequential breakdown of an issue (reminds me of the unpredictability of elections article) to make it clear and understandable. It stimulates and relaxes my brain at the same time! Which of course is ideal for learning. It comes across as simplifying without dumbing things down; and making things accessible without being condescending.

Love the first paragraph; totally agree that a knowledge and understanding of history is immensely valuable. The irony is we typically have no idea how much a lack of such knowledge/understanding limits us (until after we start learning.)

Really enjoyed this piece, the information it provided, the organized breakdown, and the links too. Lots of nuggets to extract regarding how to think about problems more effectively, e.g.: clarifying foundational premises and asking the right questions.

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Jeez, Neil, this article is on fire!!!

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